CSMS-IPA: HealthyCT Communications

HealthyCT, a non-profit, private commercial health plan, was awarded licensure by the State of Connecticut in April 2013. This significant accomplishment was due in large part to the generous support and sponsorship of the Connecticut State Medical Society and the Connecticut State Medical Society IPA (CSMS-IPA).

HealthyCT has partnered with the CSMS-IPA to help develop their provider network.

HealthyCT is referred to under federal healthcare reform as a “CO-OP” which stands for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan. Their vision is to develop a cutting-edge health plan that facilitates the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered medical care with strong physician-patient relationships at its foundation.

This section of the CSMS-IPA website will be a resource to access any communications or notices sent out by the CSMS-IPA referencing HealthyCT. It will also contain any joint communications sent out by both entities.



Dec 01 2016 Blast Fax HCT Move Into Liquidation
Nov 01 2016 Blast Fax HCT HealthyCT Order of Rehabilitation
Oct 20 2016 Blast Fax HCT Participating Provider Update
Aug 30 2016 Blast Fax HCT Vaccines are critical for adults with diabetes
Aug 26 2016 Blast Fax HCT Provider Provider Update
Jul 08 2016 Blast Fax HCT Order of Supervision
Jun 22 2016 Blast Fax HCT Working Together to Reduce Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits
May 18 2016 Blast Fax HCT National Formulary Prior Authorization
May 12 2016 Blast Fax HCT Medication Adherence
Apr 28 2016 Blast Fax HCT Provider Experience Survey
Apr 21 2016 Blast Fax HCT New Lab Prior Authorization Orientation
Apr  06 2016 Blast Fax: Motivational Interviewing
Mar 14 2016 Letter Direct Contract Instruction
Mar 14 2016 Mail Participating Group Agreement
Mar 14 2016 Mail Provider Data Form
Mar 16 2016 Provider Update: CT Prescription Monitoring & Reporting System
Mar 3 2016 Blast Fax: HCT Direct Contract BOLO
Feb 29 2016 Blast Fax: Orthopedic Advisory Group Meeting
Feb 25 2016 Blast Fax: The Importance of Proper Coding
Feb 23 2016 Febuary: Provider News
Feb 23 2016 Provider Update
Feb 9, 2016 HCT Webinar Series: Learn How To Find Community Resources For Your Patients
Jan 28, 2016 Blast Fax: Orthopedic Advisory Group Meeting Invite
Dec 31, 2015 Blast Fax:  Radiology Prior Authorization Services
Dec 30, 2015 Blast Fax:  Seasonal Influenza Reminder
Dec 29, 2015 Blast Fax:  Quick Reference Guide for Providers
Dec 29, 2015 Blast Fax:  Advanced Care Planning
Dec 28, 2015 December Newsletter:  Accepting New Patients
Dec 17, 2015 December Newsletter:  Partnership Resources
Dec 3, 2015 December Blast Fax:   Recredentialing
Nov 16, 2015 November Blast Fax eviCore
Nov 30, 2015 November Newsletter
Oct 22, 2015 Please join us for HCT Informational Sessions:  Breakfast or Lunch
Oct 22, 2015 HCT Webinar Series:  Registration Links
Oct 16, 2015 Participating Provider News
Oct 9, 2015 Provider Education Sessions Invite
Oct 2, 2015 Blast Fax:  We Need Your Help
Sept 25, 2015 September Newsletter
June 1st 2015 Prior Authorization List
May 21st 2015 Provider News
Feb 19th 2015 Quick Reference Guide for Providers
Feb 17 2015 Provider Update
Feb 15 2015 Provider Newsletter
Feb 12 2015 Provider Survey, This survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated.
Feb 12 2015 Quick Reference Guide
Nov 21 2014 Provider E-News
Nov 1 2014 Prior Authorization List
Aug 11 2014 August Provider Update
Jul 02 2014 Educational Webinars
April 4 2014 April Provider Update
Jan 28 2014 January Provider Update
Jan 1 2014 Prior Authorization List
Jan 1 2014 General Authorization Request Form
Jan 1 2014 Quick Reference Guide
Apr 1 2013 Cred starting letter to contracted network and lic update
Feb 1 2013 HCT Provider Update Letter
Sep 20 2012 IPA Provider Letter
Sep 19 2012 HCT Provider Letter

The Connecticut State Medical Society - IPA (CSMS-IPA) is the largest and only statewide IPA in Connecticut and one of the largest in the nation. The CSMS-IPA is comprised of approximately 7,000 physician members. The CSMS-IPA is governed by a 27-member physician Board of Directors.



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