CSMS-IPA: Charitable Organization

CSMS-IPA Charitable Organization
This is the not-for-profit arm of CSMS-IPA. It represents an avenue for grant applications and funding.
Functions of the CSMS-IPA Trust

  • Explore grants to help physicians achieve goals to educate Connecticut physicians, patients and general public
  • Sponsor, promote and participate in any activity designed and carried on to promote general health, with an emphasis on physician coordination with other providers in the health care delivery system, cooperation among all health care stakeholders
  • Establish, maintain, sponsor and promote education, demonstration and research programs and activities regarding models, plans and methods to efficiently manage and improve the delivery of patient care
  • Support the use of health information technology systems in patient care
  • Contract with other organizations (for profit and nonprofit), with individuals and with governmental agencies in support of or I furtherance of the charitable purposes
  • Promote cooperation and exchange of information and technology for physician practices and professional health care services

Board of Directors

David D. Thompson, Jr., M.D. – President
Stephen Salzer, M.D.               – Vice President
Rozann Venti, M.D.                  – Secretary
Mahmoud S. Okasha, M.D.     – Director
Robert Russo, M.D.                 – Director
Bollepalli Subbarao, M.D.       – Director
Ron Adelman, M.D.                 – Director

The Connecticut State Medical Society - IPA (CSMS-IPA) is the largest and only statewide IPA in Connecticut and one of the largest in the nation. The CSMS-IPA is comprised of approximately 7,000 physician members. The CSMS-IPA is governed by a 27-member physician Board of Directors.



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