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Physician's Cigna: ACO-like provider contacts producing results

""Bloomfield health insurer says its "collaborative care" contracts with Connecticut physician groups ""

Physician's Biennial Barometer

""Our Healthcare system has seen extraordinary changes in the last two years which impacts all of us especially our ""

CMS Addresses Chronic Care

""Have any idea what January 2015 holds for the Medicare industry? Medicare will begin paying as much as $42 per patient in monthly fees to doctors who ""

5 Megatrends in Healthcare to Lookout For

""Have any idea what January 2015 holds for the Medicare industry? Medicare will begin paying as much as $42 per patient in monthly fees to doctors who ""

The Scoop on Chronic Care

""The Future is anything but certain, but these Healthcare trends offer reason for hope and concern.""

STAR Ratings Brochure Available

""Every Physician that cares for a "Medicare Advantage patient" needs to understand the importance of the CMS STARS Rating.""

PQRS Interactive Timeline

"What is PQRS, Well CMS has compiled an Interactive timeline of important milestones. It is an Effective way for practices to learn of past and approaching Quality Initiatives and Assessments."

States have Found Improvements in The Health of Medical Home patients.

"Success in healthcare is measured by improved Health of patients. States realized part of the pattern to this success was by incentivizing adherence to NCQA's Medical Home Standards."

$75.8 Million in Federal Loans Given to CT's Largest Group of Doctors.

"Connecticut's largest group of doctors received federal approval and a $75.8 million federal loan with promise to make much needed changes to CT's Healthcare."

CMS says New Law Will Save Medicare $200 billion

"In a new report, the CMS says the Healthcare-reform law will save Medicare more than $200 billion through 2016 as well as create extensive savings for Medicare beneficiaries."

Physician Pay to be Directly Linked to Quality of Services Provided

"The paychecks of Physicians are slowly being linked to the quality of their services and Practice."

Aetna & the CSMS-IPA Announce Collaborative Care Model

"Aetna and CSMS-IPA have announced collaborative care model to be the new standard of operations."

4,500 Senior Citizens saved From Losing Their Medicare

"The State House of Representatives fixed a loophole Thursday that will prevent about 4,500 low-income senior citizens from losing their Medicare benefits."

13 Small PCPs in Connecticut Achieve Recognition.

"A pilot program has helped 13 small Connecticut Primary Care Practices achieve recognition as patient-centered medical homes"

Medicare & Medicaid Has Paid 2.5 Billion

"The Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record program has paid more than $2.5 billion to physicians and hospitals in incentive payments for 2011 alone. "


The Connecticut State Medical Society - IPA (CSMS-IPA) is the largest and only statewide IPA in Connecticut and one of the largest in the nation. The CSMS-IPA is comprised of approximately 7,000 physician members. The CSMS-IPA is governed by a 27-member physician Board of Directors.



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