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New Business

The CSMS-IPA is launching a value based contract with Cigna

We are excited to deliver an additional opportunity to you as a CSMS-IPA and Cigna participating physician practice. Cigna and CSMS-IPA have teamed up to deliver a quality focused and patient centered medical care delivery program.   > MORE

To Participate in the Cigna program:

Medicine News

CMS Addresses Chronic Care

Have any idea what January 2015 holds for the Medicare industry ? Medicare will begin paying as much as $42 per patient in monthly fees to doctors who manage care for patients with two or more chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and depression. Claims have been made that this program will pay for itself, keeping in mind that 93% of all Medicare spending is on patients with two or more chronic conditions. Whether this is true, remains to be seen. A link to the full article is provided in the link below.   > MORE